Listing Policy

The following describes the circumstances for a fork to appear on AllTheBlocks.


  • Must be open source and on a publicly accessible git repository.
  • Must be a mainnet release or equivalent (eg. testnet with rewards that will carry over onto the mainnet)
  • Must be active (blockchain is moving)
  • There must not be reason to believe the whole thing could be illegitimate or a scam.

Conduct & Timeframe

  • Listing is always free of charge.
  • Listing will occur as soon as we have some spare time to do so. (usually within 1-2 days)
  • Listing can only occur if we know about your project. Head over to our Discord and contact us!
  • All services are provided without any warranty or obligations!

Updates, Restarts, etc...

  • We normally do not update our full-nodes unless it is a mandatory update.
    It would help if you could actively inform us about such changes upfront. Head over to our Discord and contact us!


  • Projects that have a defunct blockchain will be removed entirely.
  • A blockchain is considered to be defunct when it has had no new block within the last 30 days.
  • Removal can be delayed further however if there is a good reason.


Testnets are normally not eligible to be on AllTheBlocks.
We do however offer private block-explorer services for a fee.
Please contact us on Discord.

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