Claim your NFT 7/8 rewards now!

You can find your launcher-id by:
  • visiting the "Pool" tab of your CHIA-GUI
  • using this command: chia plotnft show
  • Note: you have to do this on the CHIA client, not the fork!
Additional notes:
  • This tool will only work with NFT plots that were created on the CHIA blockchain. It will not work with plots created on a fork!
  • You can only claim rewards older than 7 days! This delay is part of the NFT contract and we can not change that.
  • If your launcher id was created with a chia version 1.3 or higher you will not be able to access recovered coins on forks that are still on an older version. You will have to wait for those forks to update their software.
  • On rare occasions your wallet may not recognize the recovered coins. When this happens you can try to:
    • Stop your wallet
    • Delete the wallet database
    • Edit the "config.json" and set the "wallet: initial_num_public_keys" value to a very high number (like 10000+)
    • Start the wallet again an have it re-sync
    Sometimes addresses are not generated in the same order and your wallet is simply not aware of all addresses in use.
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  • You can get help on our Discord.
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